Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How do I enter the READY. SET. ROCKIT. BACK TO SCHOOL promotion? There are two ways to enter for a chance to win a prize
1. Using the receipt of purchase of any Rockit apple products, follow the entry instructions at
2. AMOE – follow the instructions at
2 - What do I do if I am having trouble entering the READY. SET. ROCKIT. BACK TO SCHOOL promotion? Please email
3 - What are the participating products? Item one: Rockit Apple 5-piece tube (barcode: 9421903788009) Item two: Rockit Apple 3-piece tube (barcode: 9421903788023) Item three: Rockit Apple 2-piece tube (barcode: 9421903788467) Item four: Rockit Apple Back-to-School giftbox (barcode: 9421903788870)
4 - What are the prizes? You are in the draw to win either a skateboard, a backpack or a Fitbit. There are 20 prizes up for grabs.
5 - How long do I have to send in my receipt? You have until 11.59pm (GMT+4) 30 November 2022 to enter a qualifying receipt. Receipts received after this time will not be included.
6 - How long after entering will I receive my prize? Not every entrant will receive a prize. There are 20 prizes to be won. Winners are only eligible for 1 prize.
7 - When will I find out if I’ve won a prize? Winners will be notified no later than 7 December 2022. Prizes will be sent within 14 days of winner being notified.